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Premium Night Vision Goggles DB2061 pro

Premium Night Vision Goggles DB2061 pro

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The DB2061PRO Night Vision Binoculars offer exceptional performance in low-light conditions, making them ideal for various nocturnal activities such as wildlife observation, surveillance, and security. With a Generation 2+ image intensifier tube and a resolution ranging from 60 to 64 lp/mm, these binoculars provide clear and detailed images even in the darkest environments. The ergonomic design, coupled with adjustable diopter and interpupillary distance, ensures comfortable viewing for extended periods. Equipped with infrared auxiliary lighting and automatic power-off protection, the DB2061PRO enhances usability and reliability in diverse scenarios.


Key Features:

  1. Advanced Image Enhancement: Utilizing high-performance 2nd+ generation (or quasi-3rd generation and higher) image intensifier tubes, our goggles deliver exceptional image enhancement, ensuring clear vision in even the darkest conditions.

  2. Adjustable Inter-Pupillary Distance: Equipped with an eye relief locking mechanism, our goggles offer customizable fit and comfort, accommodating various users with ease.

  3. Flexible Usage Modes: Seamlessly transition between single and binocular viewing modes, providing flexibility and adaptability to diverse operational needs.

  4. Multi-Layer Broadband Coating: Enhanced with multi-layer broadband coatings, our goggles minimize glare and optimize light transmission, delivering superior image quality and clarity.

  5. Automatic Brightness Control: Featuring automatic brightness adjustment, our goggles maintain optimal image brightness, ensuring clear visibility in changing light conditions.

  6. Built-In Safety Features: With built-in safeguards including automatic power-off in high-light conditions and direction-sensing auto-switching, our goggles prioritize user safety and equipment longevity.

  7. Extended Battery Life: Connectable to external power sources via power cable, our goggles support prolonged usage, ideal for extended observation missions.

  8. Image Gain Auto-Adjustment: Enjoy hassle-free operation with automatic image gain adjustment, optimizing image quality and clarity for enhanced viewing experience.

  9. Optional Pre-Mounted Infrared Thermal Imaging Attachment: Enhance capabilities with optional pre-mounted infrared thermal imaging attachments, expanding functionality for specialized tasks.

  10. Upgradeable to IP65 Waterproof and Dustproof Rating: Designed for durability, our goggles can be upgraded to IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating, ensuring reliability in challenging environments.


  • Specifications:

    • Model: DB2061PRO
    • Appearance: Binocular
    • Generation: 2+
    • Resolution (line pairs, lp/mm): 60-64
    • Quality Factor (FOM value): 1400-1800
    • Sensitivity (µA/lm): 700-1000
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 23-28
    • Brightness Gain (cd/m²/lx): 8000-12000
    • Cathode Type: S25
    • Magnification: 1X
    • Field of View (°): 50
    • Diopter Adjustment Range (°): +5/-5
    • Interpupillary Distance Adjustment Range (mm): 55-80
    • Focal Length (mm): 22.5
    • Focus Range (m): 0.25 - ∞
    • Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 114x103x86
    • Weight (kg): 0.55
    • Switch Positions: OFF / ON / IR / AUTO
    • Power Voltage (v): 2.2-3.4
    • Power Source: 1x CR123A battery / Battery box (4x CR123A batteries, optional)
    • Standby Time (hours): 40h (IR on) / 100h (IR off)
    • Battery Box Power Supply: 300h
    • High-Light Automatic Power-off Protection: Yes
    • Direction Sensing Automatic Switch Function: Yes
    • Single-Side Eyepiece Flip Shutdown Function: Yes
    • Infrared Auxiliary Light: Yes
    • Infrared Light Wavelength (nm): 850
    • Eyepiece Range Lock Function: Yes
    • Operating Temperature Range (°C): -51 to +49
    • Storage Temperature Range (°C): -51 to +85
    • Relative Humidity: 5%-98%
    • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): 10,000 hours
    • Dust and Water Resistance: IP65
    • Official Warranty: 1 year


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