Gushin Optics

Gushin Optics specializes in providing high-quality optical products for optics retailers and brands. Our range includes binoculars, spotting scopes, and rifle scopes, renowned for their exceptional clarity, durability, and performance


Design and Development

Design and Development

  • Optical Design:

we have an experienced and skillful optical designer who had serviced for most famous brands in North America, For NDA reason, we should not disclose with whom he had worked. Our optical engineer is specializing in design optical system and light path for rifle scopes.

  • Mechanical Design:

We have the best mechanical designer who had worked as a mechanical engineer at Ford and General Auto Corporation before joining the optical industry. We are very good at 3D design with outstanding CNC work shop.


 Production and Management

 We value every processes of manufacturing optics from the selection of lens to inspecting,anodzing, assembing ,aligning and quality assurance.

  • Lens manufacturing

We have full production control of lens manufacturing and inspecting.Ensuring the quality given to customer is perfect . Meanwhile, we also have choice of Japanese glass to be offered such as HOYA as the option for the Hign End OEM partner.


  • Machining

Our four aixs CNC manchine is precise and accuract, 0.1MRAD, 1/4MOA per click adjustment  are available to be choosed as demanding by customer.

  •  Anodizing

we also pay attention on the process of anodizing, ensuring the quality of finishing complies with the requirement.

  • Assembly

our workers are rigorous and serious to assembling the components of optics, we take responsibility for every craftmanships, strictly controling the tolerance of magnification,field of view,eye relief, exit pupil, parallex, aberration and transmittance.

  • Torture Test

To make sure the optics is durable, reliable and trustworthy, each optics before shipped out had bear through the high and low temperature test, up to 1800G recoil test,  waterproof test, salt, dust and fog test.

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