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Thunderbolt 8X36 Military Binocular

Thunderbolt 8X36 Military Binocular

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Experience the power and precision of the Thunderbolt 8X36 Military Binocular, a cutting-edge optical instrument designed for ground force and marine army operations. This binocular combines exceptional performance, rugged durability, and advanced features to provide military professionals with a tactical advantage in reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition missions.

Precision Optics for Tactical Superiority

The Thunderbolt 8X36 Military Binocular features advanced optics, including a Porro prism system and individual focus adjustment, delivering sharp and detailed images in various lighting conditions. Its 8x magnification (minimum 7.6x) and 36mm objective diameter provide a clear and wide field of view, essential for identifying and tracking targets.

Built-in Rangefinder Reticle for Precision Distance Measurement

One of the key features of the Thunderbolt is its built-in Rangefinder Reticle, which allows users to accurately estimate the distance to targets. By comparing the size of the target to the markings on the reticle, users can calculate the distance using the Mil-dot formula, ensuring precise target acquisition.

Understanding the Mil-dot Formula

The Mil-dot formula is a simple but powerful tool for calculating distance. It is based on the principle of angular measurement, where one mil represents an angle of one milliradian, or 1/1000th of a radian. In the context of a Mil-dot reticle, the dots or markings are spaced at one mil intervals, both horizontally and vertically.

To use the Mil-dot formula, you need to know either the size of the target or a portion of it, as well as the angular size of that target in the reticle. Once you have these measurements, you can calculate the distance to the target using the following formula:

Distance = Size of Target / Angular Size of Target * 1000

For example, if a target is 1.8 meters tall and appears to be 4 mils tall in the reticle, you can calculate the distance to the target as follows:

Distance = 1.8 / 4 * 1000 Distance = 450 meters


Enhanced Features for Military Operations

In addition to its Rangefinder Reticle, the Thunderbolt is equipped with a range of features to enhance its performance in the field. The nitrogen-filled housing provides reliable performance in extreme environments, including waterproofing up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. The binocular is also tripod-mountable, allowing for extended surveillance operations, while the retractable eye cups ensure comfortable viewing during prolonged missions.

Durability and Reliability for the Toughest Conditions

Weighing 600 grams and encased in a rugged, armor-coated exterior, the Thunderbolt is built to withstand the harshest conditions. Its robust construction ensures long-term durability, making it the ideal optical tool for military professionals operating in challenging environments.

Ideal for Ground Force and Marine Army Operations

Whether used for reconnaissance, surveillance, or target acquisition, the Thunderbolt 8X36 Military Binocular is the ultimate optical tool for ground force and marine army personnel. Its exceptional performance, reliability, and precision make it a valuable asset in any military operation.

OEM Information:

Please refer to the OEM information for the Thunderbolt 8X36 Military Binocular.


  • Magnification: 8x (minimum 7.6x)
  • Objective Diameter: φ36mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: φ4.4mm (minimum φ4.0)
  • Eye Relief: 16.2mm (minimum 15.7mm)
  • Field of View - Angular: 7° (minimum 6.8°)
  • Resolution (Center): ≤6.2"
  • Dark Index: 16.7
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 12.8m
  • Relative Brightness: 19.4
  • Water Resistance / Proof: Water resistant up to 1.5m/30min
  • Weight (Binocular Only): 600g
  • Prism System: Porro prism system
  • Focus System: Individual focus
  • Armor: Yes
  • Tripod Mounting Screw: Yes
  • Retractable Eye Cups: Yes
  • Nitrogen Fill: Yes

Experience the Thunderbolt 8X36 Military Binocular and discover the difference precision optics can make in your mission success.

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